Chicago books LIst!

A couple months ago I tweeted the following:

This had a ton of great responses that I would like to document. In no order the responses were:

American Pharaoh

Fire on the Prairie


Sin in the Second City

Here’s the Deal, the buying and selling of a great American city

There are no children here

Forever Open, Clear, and Free

Nature’s Metropolis (I love this one)

Studs Terkel – Division Street

High-Rises, Cabrini-Green and the Fate of American Public Housing

My Kind of Sound, The secret history of Chicago Music

The South Side

Third Coast

Occupied Territory

The Sinking of the Eastland

Gang Leader for a Day

The Social Order of the Slum

The Jungle

They All Fall Down

Brotherhood of Corruption

The battle of Lincoln Park

Sara Paretsky

The Fabulous Clipjoint

Sister Carrie

The time traveler’s wife

Dirty Waters

Crossing California

Rouges, Rebels, and Rubber Stamps

Making a New Deal

Let me know who wants to start a winter book club!

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