White Flight – Michelle Obama

As the purpose of this project is to change people’s minds I am constantly evaluating what evidence will convince someone to change their mind. As someone who works with cold hard data I am easily convinced by it, but I recognize that not everyone sees the world this way. Here I’ll share two descriptions of white flight from Michelle Obama’s Becoming. The first uses data:

Michelle Obama’s Becoming

That evidence shows dramatic change in the racial diversity of a neighbor. But consider these two class photos as another piece of evidence:

Michelle Obama’s class photos
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The Destruction of Milwaukee Ave – Population – Part 1

Mark Fruin

A quick response to Andrew Schneider’s @ASchneider2008 recent thread defending the idea of down-zoning proposed by Ramirez-Rosa. For background on this plan see: Block Club Chicago. Schneider does an excellent job appealing the the emotion’s tied to home, neighborhood, and nostalgia.

Who wouldn’t want to live next to “Round-Up”? They could turn that space into a cool brewery like they did in that other neighborhood! But, the argument goes, if the property isn’t down-zoned it will be turned into ugly condos.

However, Andrew ignores one key problem, you need people, and lots of them, to support local businesses. The “Round-Up” went under as a theater, then it went under as a restaurant, then it went under as an electronics store. Clearly there is something larger going on here that is causing businesses to go under.

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